Specified Skilled Worker Residency Status

Specified Skilled Worker Residency Status (特定技能)

With the new type of status of residence Tokutei Ginou (特定技能), foreign workers with certain levels of specialization and skill will be officially allowed to work in industries that was not allowed (or allow with limitation). In fields such as construction, shipbuilding, cleaning, etc.

Unlike conventional working status of residence, applicants of Specified Skilled Worker visa are not required to meet conditions such as academic history or job experiences. However, they still are required to pass the exam to prove that they have adequate job skills and Japanese language ability to work in each industry.

Tokutei ginou residency status 特定技能 is divided into 2 categories: Specified Skill Visa nº 1 (特定機能 1号) and Specified Skill Visa nº 2 (特定機能2号). The second of which is expected to start in fiscal year 2021.



There are 14 different industries which the government has identified as being in need of foreign labour support. So anyone with skills and experience in the following sectors can apply:



  • 18 years old and above
  • For foreigners (overseas or staying in Japan)
  • Technical Intern Training Program type 2 is well finished, OR

Passed examination (Skill test and Japanese language test)